A Letter From Jesus

Dear Friend:

I want to let you know how much I think about you. It started a long, long time ago. Perhaps you have heard part of the story.

On a cool dark night, I prayed in the Garden. The fragrance of the ancient olive trees was heavy as I talked with the Father. My heart was beating intensely, and drops of blood fell as sweat from My forehead. I knew what was coming, and what I must do… so I kept My focus on you.

The Disciples slept nearby as I surrendered to the will of the Father. Soon…the sound of chains broke the stillness of night, and I knew the angry mob was coming for Me. As they led Me away, those that called me friend fled. And I was alone. I thought about the day you and I would be together. Later, I was beaten… I hummed your name softly all night.

The next day I was led to the judgement hall to face Pilate. Accusations came from all sides. They just did not understand…But My work was almost complete. In the Spirit, I saw your smile and I kept silent.

Then I was led to be scourged. There were many soldiers who did this. They took turns like children playing a game, laughing aloud. I forgave them. With each blow of the whip, My flesh screamed, ripping apart in agony, pain soaring through My weakening body. Several times, I almost lost consciousness, but I spoke your name for each stripe and My Spirit was strengthened.

I stood before the people, humiliated, My heart was broken. Crucify! Crucify! They yelled over and over. Blood streamed down My face from the crown of thorns that had been pushed into My skull. But I knew I had been born for this. It had to be done…for you!

The weight of the cross was unbearable and I struggled. I remember the day the Father planted the tree from which it came. The crowd had grown as I was led out, they taunted and cursed Me each step of the way. Occasionally, a cry or whimper of love broke through from those who had cared for Me. The Father whispered your name in My ear and I found strength.

Halfway there, I buckled, staggered and started falling. Immediately, someone stepped in to help carry My cross, just as I will always be there to help carry your burden…if you will let Me.

There is almost no way I can describe to you the depth of pain one feels as nails are driven into flesh and bone. The closest thing I can think of is how the Father feels when His children turn away from His love. Oh, that I might spare Him this pain!

The morning sun soon gave way to the darkness of sin that was laid upon Me, as I hung on that cross for the world. Death was dawning…the blood slowly drained from My body, spilling onto the earth below. I looked out over the crowd through the distance of time and I saw the Light of the Father in your eyes. It was then I gave into death so that you might have life.

I often talk to the Father about you and can barely contain My excitement, for I know the day of your surrender is near. I have waited a long time for us to be together!

Now, I hope you will know how much I think of you. So…when the world is against you, and those closest can’t be found, remember that I am here and I will get you through…just as once upon a time, you got Me through. Oh that I might win your heart!


NOTE: I wrote this a number of years ago for a friend who was struggling with faith to remind them how personal the Gospel is. May the Lord bless it to your reading.

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