Neither Method, Nor Manner

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“Is Christ divided?” 1 Cor. 1:13

It is neither method, nor manner that determines relationship with Christ – but is a distinctive matter of the heart. All too often, we have been separated by method or manner and still there are those in Christ who have transcended any division as such, to shine a Light in a dark world. I have witnessed this time and again, and allowed it to perplex my reasoning, but not so in Christ.

We must consider, we are all subject to human interpretation of Scripture and the Signs of the Times. God in Eternal Wisdom gives a greater measure of truth by His Spirit to those who liver nearest Him, in a surrendered-to-the-Cross, most-prayerful position. May we all, with humility and compassion, contend for the Truth with a diligent heart toward prayer, holiness, and obedience. For it is there we find peace.

Let us come together in the Spirit of Christ rejoicing as He declares Himself through each of us, beyond personal preference of manner or method, built solely from His Hands of Grace. We, with all differences form His Body, with One Spirit and with Christ as the Head – not divided. Let this then be the expression of the church that is seen, heard and understood – to the drawing of others to Christ. Lord, may Your Kingdom Come is our prayer!

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